Track Bar Adjustable End Kit

Available for:


  • 1994 - 2002 Dodge 4X4 Pickups ½, ¾, 1 ton
  • 1985 - 1998 Jeeps

    Lindstad Alignment has developed a track-bar adjustable-end repair kit for the above mentioned models. When the track ball-joint end wears, the kit is installed at a fraction of the cost of replacing the complete rod. The kit is adjustable, which compensates for any future wear. Kits can be obtained by calling or writing the contact information provided above.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Grind soft plug crimp
  2. Remove soft plug
  3. Discard spring
  4. Discard plastic cup
  5. Save ball stud
  6. Grind top outer edge of tie rod end until adjusting sleeve fits over top edge
  7. Use adjusting plug to center outer sleve
  8. Align cotter pin holes parallel to Track Bar
  9. Tack weld the sleve to the Track Rod in 3 or 4 places
  10. Remove adjusting threaded plug and finish circle welding the sleeve to the Track Rod
  11. Install original ball stud
  12. Install new metal cup
  13. Replace the original spring with a 3/4" lock washer
  14. Install adjusting threaded plug
  15. Tighten until it bottoms
  16. Back up to the first cotter pin hole
  17. Install cotter pin
  18. Install zerk and grease
  19. Be aware of the two different size  studs on Dodge 4x4 Track Bars
  20. Jeep non-greasing track bars cannot be rebuilt.  


Number Price Extra
1 $72/ea freight/handling
6 $60/ea freight/handling
12 $55/ea freight/handling

Rebuilt TieRods also available:
Dodge $135 exchange + freight/handling
Jeep $102 exchange + freight/handling